The voice of Dogster by Jonas

Dogster’s reply to the closing of Good stuff.

It’s a shame really. Yahoo, for all it’s management failings, is one of the truly great people-positive brands. There’s so much they could have done with if they hadn’t been floundering the last 3 years. But what’s worse is there’s so much we could have done with it for them (such as increasing revenue 10x) but they couldn’t even consider that because they had to switch over to focusing only on whale-sized deals. But Yahoo and Shince, we’re still here and will always be open to making great music together. Meanwhile we’ll be doing what the small furry mammals did when the dinosaurs became extinct and exploit the opportunity with all our abilities … after all, behaving like small furry mammals is in our nature.

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January 28, 2009 / 5 Comments.


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  2. Tyler L. Diaz replied:

    Yes they do, although they don’t look the same as human belly buttons. All mammals have belly buttons.

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