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So there has been a wave of anger and criticism against the new Microsoft ads with Gates and Seinfeld. As usual people love making fun of Microsoft and right now I’m kind of bored with it.

The ad, as Noah points out, is a pure move to reposition the Microsoft brand and based on the internal memo their goal is to humanize Microsoft.

From my point of view, that’s pretty much what it does. One of the most likeable comedians doing his thing, while one of the richest men in the world makes fun of himself. That’s almost funny and also it’s pretty humanizing, it doesn’t make me laugh but it makes me smile a bit. I think that’s exactly what they’re aiming for, to make people smile a bit.

Since it’s not about awareness nor about selling one particular product, it’s a good start of making the brand more human and friendly (naturally who would know without having any data or statistics about it).

Now this is just the consumer facing communication, the whole company would need to back this concept for Microsoft to actually be what the ad is trying to communicate. The company culture would need to be humanized, less scripted and more driven by people instead of processes.

Microsoft is not my favorite thing in the world but this campaign won’t make it worse, I’m just tired of all the Microsoft bashing.

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