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At work we’re pretty much always in PowerPoint-mania, meaning that we use presentations on a daily basis to communicate both to clients and internally. The switch from PowerPoint to Keynote was probably the most time saving action for me last year. Of course, I love Keynote.

This constant use of presentations always make me on the watch when new presentation apps are mentioned by the dragons. Today I tested out one of the new kids on the block: Sliderocket. Currently in private beta, planning to be released in the summer, but it pretty much blew me away.

Lack of features is not a feature - Sliderocket

Lack of features is not a feature

This is the problem with many of the online presentation apps, the lack of features and customization. Sliderocket is definitely all about features and is not shy about presenting them.

They’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Keynote and executed extremely well. On top of having all the common features it also let’s you import photos from Flickr, maps from Yahoo and they’ve already partnered with Salesforce.

The appealing part is that it brings you everything that the desktop apps does but leverage the possibilities of the web with a community, extensive sharing options, an API and use of third party services. This really makes it go from good to great.

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