At last, yet another post about MSFT+YHOO by Jonas

Yahoo! goes to sleep
ok, bad timing to go offline in Helsinborg for 8 hours on friday, which bascially meant I missed the whole bonanza before returning and trying to read up on everything.

I don’t have that much to add to the discussion that hasn’t already been said. So instead of trying to do an analysis I will just point to the articles that I agree on and that goes beyond analyzing if the valuation of Yahoo! is correct or not (who really knows? Btw, Compete has some interesting numbers on the valuation related to traffic) or how the stock market will be effected in short term. Instead looking at the long term implications and basically why the deal only has one winner, Google.

Read these three articles and you’ve got it pretty much covered, if you want a more financial analysis of it, go to SAI for full coverage.

Scott Karp
Paul Kedrosky

The Times has a good article today on the deal, as well as an exclusive interview with Bill Gates, where he delivers the “oh-so-easy-to-make-fun-of-quote”:

The Windows experience increasingly needs to embrace the internet.

Marco is pretty dead on with his analysis of the deal:

What a miserable idea: let’s combine two bloated, mediocre, ineffective web companies in an effort to beat a much more successful one.

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