New Yorker vs the blogosphere by Jonas

or how to quit your job as a journalist and make more money

Ok, someone is not going to the next Bloggercon.

Have to say that I fully support Jeff Jarvis’ discussion on the matter, I understand that people like Mr. Lemann enjoy being part of the legend and myth that surrounds a magazine such as the New Yorker and that it is a heavy burden to carry when writing a piece for them.
However, the debate about journalists vs. bloggers leads me into the discussion in the Talkcrunch episode with Digg, where Michael Arrington discusses the interesting matters of newspapers, blogs, and sites such as Digg. And how the blogosphere provides journalists (primarily, the good ones) new possibilities to write and to earn more money than they’ve done as journalists, I guess Arrington himself might be an example of this. With publishing platforms such as Digg and Reddit, journalists and writers with an already existing audience as a platform have really no excuses not to start a blog. The power of self publishing, both in financial and content terms, is something that is incredibly attractive for everyone who writes for a living.

For example, such a talented and productive writer as Joyce Carol Oates could easily start her own blog and publish new chapters of a new book each day, week, or month and charge for it, through subscriptions or a one time fee, for example. Ok, I get that not everyone is as talented as Ms. Oates but still this power and possiblity is something, and I agree with Arrington on this one, that it will -and already has changed- the publishing industry. How many of your colleagues aren’t already only using blogs and sites such as Digg as their only news source? A lot? Mine too. So in 10, 20, or 30 years my guess would be that newspapers -as we know them today- will not exist anymore. (Not meaning that the brands, such as NY Times or USA won’t exist). But that journalists will take control of their own writing and talent in order to exploit the advantages.

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