going on the cheap by Jonathan

As much as we’d like to have unlimited capital and resources to build & develop our projects, we don’t.  That’s why it was refreshing to read mr. godin’s post on money and business development.  It gave us a chance to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in a short period of time and appreciate our own personal development.  It’s been both vertical and horizontal and much of it was based on necessity, i.e. due to lack of funds.

Therefore, we’ve worked on areas of projects which didn’t suit our skills, but our understanding of such areas is unquestionably better and the next time we decide to outsource such work, we’ll know what the work entails and what would be a reasonable cost. 

Fortunately, we are aware that our “skills” will carry us so far, but the learning curve for our little company was significantly larger than others, so we’re hoping that our being a boostrap business will pay dividends on where we need to be 2 to 3 years down the road…when, hopefully, we’ll be in a little better financial position.  Either way, we should be comfortable being able to be productive with what others view as “limited” resources.

Thanks, Seth… if anything, you limited our daydreaming for a day.

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